Our skills.

We assist entrepreneurs in all stages of their business development, both nationally and internationally. In this context, we operate in various sectors such as information technology, real estate, retail, healthcare, biotechnology, financial services or logistics. Likewise, we collaborate with companies at various stages of development, from start-ups/scale-ups to companies listed on international markets.

We advise our clients on all corporate law issues, such as governance, shareholder relations, financing transactions (dilutive or not), directors’ liability or conflicts of interest. In addition, we have developed in-depth expertise in more complex operations, such as joint ventures or strategic partnerships, the transfer of family businesses, incentive scheme to capital for workers, the acquisition of activities by management (LMBO) or mergers, splits, restructuring or acquisitions.

With experience and expertise acquired over 25 years, Didier Grégoire and his team advise the firm’s clients in all aspects of tax law.

On both the Belgian and international level, we assist on questions of direct taxation in matters of corporate tax, in particular during mergers and acquisitions or financing operations. We also deal with all of our clients’ VAT questions.

The tax structuring of these operations is discussed upstream and allows us to guide our clients effectively on the operations under consideration.

We also assist players in the real estate sector in their VAT or registration rights issues and in the context of the management of financial flows linked to the structuring of their asset holdings.

Finally, we also assist in the tax concerns of managers, both in the establishment of a compensation structure and on the asset side of their business. In this respect, we organise the sale or the transmission to the new generations of our clients’ assets.

We make our long experience with the tax administration available to our clients during audits and we encourage the conclusion of agreements. In some cases, we request the intervention of the conciliation service.

Our knowledge of tax litigation enables us to defend the best interests of our clients at all stages of the administrative or judicial proceedings. Our team also regularly submits operations envisaged by our clients to the Service des Décisions Anticipées [‘Advance Ruling Service’].

Didier Grégoire and his team have moreover developed very specific skills in Franco-Belgian taxation. In this capacity, they assist numerous French clients in the context of their development and activities in Belgium.

We have developed cutting-edge expertise in M&A operations, both in transactional practices (acquisition or sale of companies, public and private offers to buy shares or debt securities, risk capital, stock market listing, equity investments or leveraged transactions) and in reorganisations (mergers, split-ups, contributions of branches of business or universality, joint-ventures, liquidations, transformations, migrations or stock option plans).

Our assistance covers all stages of a transaction, from the negotiation of a letter of intent or a term-sheet, the constitution of a data-room, conducting a due diligence operation, the drafting and negotiation of transactional documentation up to the coordination of the signing and closing of the transaction.

Our in-depth knowledge of how our clients work and the markets in which they operate allows us to provide customised support and offer solutions tailored to the needs of each of them.

We assist actors in the venture capital sector, professional investment funds or individual investors, in non-dilutive equity investments or financing in early-stage or growing companies. We also assist those actors in setting up or managing exiting funds, as well as in any legal and tax issues that they may encounter in the context of the development of their activities.

In parallel, we also assist entrepreneurs in their research into and structuring of financing, and this at all stages of development of the company: start-up phase, first round table (seed round), broader fund-raising with professionals funds and investors, introduction on the capital markets, negotiation of recoverable advances or issue of convertible bonds. Our approach also includes the tax aspects of the transaction, so as to optimise the protection of our clients’ interests.

We assist our clients in all legal aspects of real estate transactions, whether these are structured in the form of a share-deal or asset-deal.

As such, we provide prior legal audit (due diligence), drafting and negotiation of transactional documentation, as well as support within the framework of legal structuring.

In addition to the strictly legal aspects, Didier Grégoire and his team offer our clients cutting-edge expertise in property taxation and structuring.

Over many years, we have developed recognised expertise in setting up capital incentive schemes for employees, both in a national and international context.

Each year we assist dozens of companies in the implementation of stock option plans, free share plans or other solutions that meet the concrete needs of our clients.

Our skills