Stock-options in Belgium Survey 2020-2023.

This survey has been developped with data from the incentive schemes structured and implemented by Harvest from 2020 to 2023. Despite the Belgian Tax authorities’ procrastination on the subject, stock-options continue to be part of the incentive package in many companies, specially in high-growth companies. The aim of the survey is to provide companies with an overview of the SOP put in place in the moment to offer them more elements to structure theirs.

This survey relates to mid/long term incentives award implemented by companies on their own equity, it does note relate to short-term warrants plans or listed shares commercialized by financial institutons (whose tax benefits we believe will soon disappear).

We accompany companies (from listed companies to scale-up startups) and individuals in their operations.

Our team led by Adrien Lanotte has notably developed a special know-how in incentive schemes. We offer a service based in a consolidated expertise and a pragmatic oriented approach.

We wish you an insightful read!

Stock options survey Harvest

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